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Hummer is up for stud. He is a 14-inch hound with good line control and quick check work. He can handle the front of a pack or check you from behind. He not only can jump a rabbit, but explodes out checks also. Hummer has a unique chop mouth that catches your ears. He is a great trial dog with an awesome pedigree, as well as a great rabbit dog. He handles great and is a joy to hunt. Hummer is throwing hard hunting quick check work dogs with heavy chop mouths. Hummer has several young hounds that are placing in Progressive Pack trials and showing a lot of potential. There are several young hounds so far off him with wins in the open class (with one currently 5th in HOY Points) 3 in champ class, 2 grands, and several young hounds with potential.

Hummer is at stud for $200 or pick of litter. A current Brucellosis is required. For more information contact Mark Davis 706-799-3843.

In 2011 at 7 years old he was in 46 trials total. He had 21 1st place wins as well as 16 2nd place wins.

Some of his accomplishments:

2nd, 3rd and 7th in the U.S. Championship

3rd & 8th in the Everett Morgan Classic

3rd and 5th in South Regional Hunts

5th in West Regional Hunt

Two 2nds in GA State Hunts

Two 2nds and a 3rd in North Carolina State Hunts

4th in Mississippi State Hunt

4th in Virgina State Hunt

2009 Reserve High Point Hound in Region 

2010 Hound of Year

2011 Reserve Hound of Year

2011 High Point Hound of Year

2011 South Region High Point Hound of Year