JMDs Kennels

Hounds that run as fast as their noses allow

Training Pen

I have onsite an 8-acre training pen I use to start pups and condition older hounds from time to time. I would say I have about 20 rabbits in the pen approximately. I keep a food plot in the pen year round for the game. I also have various types of fruit trees planted in the pen.
I have put out Christmas trees throughout the pen in bare areas, and the honeysuckle vines take over to provide great shelter for the rabbits.
This is another one of the great honeysuckle patches that provides a rabbit every time it is hunted.
This is one of our rabbit feeding stations.
We keep rabbit feed and salt blocks under these stations to help supplement our rabbits throughout the year.
This is one of the two corn feeders we have in the pen. They were originally used at our hunting club, but we moved them here to provide another feeding station to rabbits and deer. Occasionally we have deer venture into the training pen to feed. This provides a great opportunity to see if young pups are interested in them. If they are interested, they are quickly corrected by shock collars we keep on them.